2017-2018 School Calendar

FCWCS 2017-2018

School Calendar

August 14 1st Day for Students in Grades 1-8

21 1st Day for Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten

September 4 Labor Day – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

5 Afterschool Program Begins

8 1st Quarter Progress Reports Issued

13 1st Quarter Academic Conferences, 4-6 pm

18 – 22 Annual Scholastic Fall Book Fair

22 Grandparent’s Day

28 – 29 Fall Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

October 2 Fall Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

9 – 13 1st Quarter Exams

25 1st Quarter Report Cards Issued

27 Fannie’s Scare House

31 Trunk or Treat

November 3 1st Quarter Academic Awards Assembly

7 7th Annual High School Night for 8th Graders

8 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Issued

15 2nd Quarter Academic Conferences, 4-6 pm

20 – 24 Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

December 7 Pictures with Santa

18 – 20 2nd Quarter Exams

21 Annual Holiday Program/Class Holiday Parties

22 Staff Record Day – NO SCHOOL for students

25 – 29 Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

January 8 School Resumes for Staff, NO SCHOOL for students

9 School Resumes for Students

10 2nd Quarter Report Cards Issued

15 MLK, Jr. Birthday – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

19 2nd Quarter Academic Awards Assembly

February 2 Black History Quiz Bowl

7 3rd Quarter Academic Conferences, 4-6 pm

9 – 16 Mardi Gras Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

23 HBCU Step Show

28 Black History Program

March 7 Pictures with the Bunny

12 – 14 3rd Quarter Exams

14 4th Annual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) Night

19 – 23 Annual Spring Scholastic Book Fair

23 Donuts with Dad/Founder’s Day

28 3rd Quarter Report Cards Issued

29 Spring Bling – Annual Spring Festival

30 Good Friday – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

April 2 – 6 Spring Break – NO SCHOOL for students and staff

9 3rd Quarter Academic Awards Program

13 LEAP Pep Rally

16 – 20 LEAP Testing, Grades 7 & 8

18 4th Quarter Academic Conferences, 4-6 pm

23 – 27 LEAP Testing, Grades 5 & 6

30 LEAP Testing, Grades 3 & 4

May 1 – 3 LEAP Testing, Grades 3 & 4

1 – 2 8th Grade Final Exams

4 Muffins with Moms

9 Pre-K End of Year Celebration

10 Kindergarten Promotional Exercises

11 8th Grade End of Year Program

15 End of Year Awards Program

16 Last Day of School for students, Report Cards Issued

17 Last Day of School for staff

Every effort has been made to make this calendar as accurate as possible. But there may be events that are beyond the control of the school’s administration and/or Board of Directors. Therefore, the calendar below is subject to change if situations warrant it. Your understanding is appreciated. 8/14/17

Annual Scholastic Fall Book Fair–2016

Twice a year our school’s library turns into a book lovers dream! The Scholastic Book Fair comes to Bullard Avenue.

The Fall Book Fair was held the week of September 26-30, 2016. The theme–Bookaneer Book Fair, where books are the treasure–was a big hit with staff that seemed to love dressing in pirate garb. Students in the car pool were greeted by staff dressed as extras in a pirate movie.

Sales were a little slow the first day or two, but by Wednesday librarian LeBlanc was kept busy assisting classes of students to make the perfect selection.

Friday was the last day and sales were brisk, as grandparents on campus for Grandparent’s Day helped to bring the fair to a great conclusion.

6th Annual High School Night–2016

Deciding on your next school is a very important decision that every 8th grader has to make.

FCWCS holds High School Night each fall, that allows students and their parents the ability to do one-stop shopping in our school’s Warrior Café for their next academic home.

Usually about a dozen schools and their recruiting departments make their way to Fannie to discuss the merits of their institution over others. Students and parents visit each table, ask questions, and pick up information that allows them to make informed choices.

Many of our Warriors already have an idea or two of where they would like to attend school next year. The yearly event has become our “Signing Day” with many students and parents actually completing the OneApp that night.

November Battle of the Bands

The Warrior Marching Band and Auxiliary Units always love a good battle. Guess that is the nature of a Warrior!

November 19, 2016 found the Warriors across the river at Alice Harte School, ready to do “musical combat” with Nelson, Harte, and Batiste Cultural Academy. It was a spirited competition.

The gym was packed with parents and “band heads” from all over the city. As Principal Kelly Batiste of FCWCS would say, “the Warriors showed up and out.”

Band, Flag Twirlers, Majorettes, and Letter Carriers represented Fannie well. Good job Warriors!

Girls on the Run

Kudos to Coach Dana Williams for sponsoring our first “Girls on the Run” team in 2016.

Coach took about 20 third grade girls and developed them into runners who could (with a little motivation) complete a 5K race around Audubon Park on Saturday, December 3rd.

The “Girls on the Run” Program aspires to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum, which creatively integrates running.” A look at these faces on a brisk Saturday morning said the objective was accomplished.

Thanks to Coach Williams and all the adults who came out to motivate the our girls in the school’s first “Girls on the Run” team!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We conclude the calendar year with each school year with our Christmas Program. This year’s program featured LeBron “LBJ” Joseph and DJ Jubilee as the Masters of Ceremonies.

The show kept all in attendance entranced with song, dance, and theatrics. Hats off to all students and teachers who made the morning of December 22 so entertaining. We were even featured on the evening news!

The Enrichment Team sponsored this year’s program.

Message from Our Principal/C.E.O.


Ms Batiste- Principal/CEO

Ms. Batiste, Principal/CEO

Message from Our Principal/C.E.O.


Greetings and welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We always appreciate parents taking the time to visit our school’s website for information about Fannie C. Williams Charter School.

This marks our 10th year as an educational institution serving the children of our community. Six years ago we became a charter school striving to form a team between staff, parents, and the community to develop our scholars academically. That mission has not changed. It is our mission to achieve the highest academic success through the forces of these stakeholders in the development of our youth.

Fannie C. Williams Charter School is a Type 5 charter developed under the auspices of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. We are currently in our 6th year operating as a charter school. During the 2015-2016 academic year, our charter was extended by BESE for an additional six years.

FCWCS operates as an open enrollment facility for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. Current enrollment usually is composed of about 610 students from approximately 360 families. We have spent 10 years developing a culture of stressing the 4Ps–promptness, politeness, productivity, and preparedness–all invaluable traits that we attempt to instill in our Warriors from Pre-K through Grade 8.

We appreciate your interest in our family of learners and educators. Please join us during the many opportunities to visit and interact with our Fannie Family that have become traditions on our campus.

Best regards,

Kelly S. Batiste







Asbestos Management Plan

The school’s Asbestos Management Plan is available for review in the main office or with the Business Manager, Mrs. B. Watson

Moving on Up–Middle School to High School

Kindergarten has its trip to 1st Grade, but 8th Graders make a bigger leap–to high school!

Friends you have shared classes with at FCWCS for years may now go their separate ways–Lake Area, Karr, Easton, McDonogh No. 35, Franklin, Sci Academy, Landry-Walker, Carver–the choices for high school seem endless. But each has something unique to offer to each of our departing scholars. We have to find the new school that fits each of us the best.

The big day is always a Saturday, always in May. The Warrior Gym never looked so festive as it appears on that Saturday. We smile, giggle, laugh and even cry as we reminisce about our days as Warriors at the “Fannie.” One last time we gather as a class of students. In front of our teachers and family, we grow up, just a little, as we move to the next step in our educational journey.

We pass the torch to the class below us, to carry on the traditions of our alma mater–

Fannie C. Williams Charter School.

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8th Graders Study Their City -Their Home

Eighth graders are receiving are great lesson in New Orleans and Louisiana History this semester. They are part of the My City, My Home endeavor, under the auspices of The Preservation Resource Center’s flagship program.

The inter-disciplinary set of lessons are designed to give students the information needed to become working participants in neighborhood planning, community development, and our city’s broader civic life (source: www.ya4la.org).

Lessons have included a tour of the historic neighborhood of Tremé, the French Quarters, a lesson of the history of Jazz by musician and teacher D. Barnes. The study will end will a visual arts projects that will incorporate all the tools they have mastered.