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Dancing Warriors Weekend Bash

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a Dancing Warrior, under the direction of Ms. S. Theard and Ms. S. Taylor.

Taylor and Theard’s group of talented dancers always elicits compliments when they perform–during Carnival parades or school assemblies. They are a polished group of performers. They work hard and it shows!

As a reward to the young ladies who make up the group, each spring Ms. Theard sponsors a slumber party for those who participated faithfully this year. This year’s trip included becoming tourists in their own hometown.

The Dancing Warriors took a streetcar ride, had beignets at Café Du Monde, went shopping and swimming, and had a few months to stop by the school’s lemonade stand on Bullard. The night (spent in a downtown hotel’s suite) turned into a slumber party, with the last participants finally fall off to sleep as the sun was rising.

Pictures indicate that the group had a fantastic time and are looking forward to next year’s bash! Thanks ladies for a job well done.

photo203 photo202 photo201

National Lemonade Day FCWCS Style

Our third year taking part in the National Lemonade Day event was a resounding success! We appreciate all the Warriors and community members who stopped by our stand, at the intersection of Bullard and Lake Forest, to purchase a glass of lemonade. Mrs. Johnson’s citrus beverage was so delicious we had customers who returned twice to buy more.

The National Lemonade Day event was begun to encourage young people to become our next generation of entrepreneurs. The first Lemonade Day took place in Houston, TX in 2007. Now more than 200 cities and almost a quarter of million kids take part in this now annual event. FCWCS is proud to sponsor a stand. A special thank you to Warrior Destiny Albert for being a fine example of what we want future entrepreneurs to be!

As always, we dedicate a portion of our profits to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Greater New Orleans.

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PBS Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Warriors got a head start on their candy eating with a trip to the school’s front yard on April 16th. PBS (Positive Behavior Support) knows how to throw a great party–this time it was a very fast paced Easter Egg Hunt for students in grades Pre-K through 5.

Plastic eggs were thrown in the yard and students in each grade level were told to gather up as many as they could.  A few eggs held special surprises–there were dollar bills inside! Students also “finding” a few special colored eggs were given special prizes. Everyone was entitled to a gift of candy after turning in his or her eggs, making everyone a winner!

The bunny’s friend–Ms. Theard–also had a drawing in the office. Every student’s name was place in the red bucket. If your name was called, there was a special gift for you in the ISC.

What a great way to start the Spring Break!

IMG_0272 IMG_0264 IMG_0253 IMG_0251 IMG_0229



Rock the LEAP v 2014

The Friday before LEAP Testing, April 4th, is a busy one on campus. We’re getting everyone “pumped up” to perform his or her best during next week’s standardized testing.

We’ve got first graders rapping, the business manager lip-synching, the Young Warriors Brass Band blowing, Marching Warriors dancing, and a flash mob of teachers and the dean of students performing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Mrs. Kelly’s fourth grade class took home the honors as the “Most Spirited Class” on campus. Their classroom will house the “Spirit Stick” until next year’s LEAP Pep Rally.








6th Annual Muffins for Moms

Our Moms showed up on May 2nd, about 160 strong. We can always count on mom. Those students, whose mothers couldn’t attend, brought grand moms, a favorite aunt, or an older sister along for the fantastic morning of muffins, milk and a little entertainment. Our own FCWCS teacher, Ms. Shoran Warren provided the inspirational words of wisdom.

This year, 2014, marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, the most popular day for making phone calls. Our Warriors realize how blessed they are to have their mothers so nearby.

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6th Annual Donuts for Dads The Tie that Binds

6th Annual Donuts for Dads–“The Tie that Binds”

On March 28th an army of men appeared on campus. This was no unexpected march onto our campus, but rather fathers, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers–every conceivable adult male our student body could muster together.

How glad we were to see them! They came in suits, work uniforms, casual clothes, and even a few high school uniforms to support the young people of our student body. They numbered more than 150 and when you consider we are a school filled with siblings, they were here to support a very large percentage of our approximately 600 students.

DSC_4994 DSC_4967 DSC_4953 DSC_4937 DSC_4932 DSC_4927 DSC_4910 DSC_4890 DSC_4888

Spring Scholastic Book Fair 2014


Our bi-annual book fair this spring was a resounding success. Librarian Karen LeBlanc always goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets in the spirit of the celebration. This spring’s theme was a Fiesta Book Fair. Even Clifford, the Big Red Dog, made an appearance on campus for the book fair.

Our biggest day was Friday March 28th, when dads by the scores were on campus for our annual Donuts for Dads Celebration. They poured into the library with their kids and their wallets, buying books by the dozen. Their generosity bought our book sales over the top, with the school earning more than $500 for the spring sale.

We always encourage our students to read. They are allowed to borrow books from our school library. We sing the merits of having a public library card and of course we encourage everyone to buy a book or two at the twice a year Scholastic Book Fair. All Warriors know that reading is so fundamental to getting a good education.

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1st Founder’s Day Celebration 2014

Fannie C. Williams, b. March 23, 1882, Biloxi, MS – d. June 12, 1980, New Orleans, LA

Our 1st Founder’s Day Celebration, March 21st, was a tribute to our namesake–Fannie C. Williams.

Williams was an exceptional educator during the era of segregation in the south. She pursued the best educational practices for the thousands of African American students under her care. For 33 years she served as a classroom teacher and administrator primarily at Valena C. Jones Elementary School in New Orleans’s 7th Ward.

Her legacy of success and caring is a tradition that we strive to continue at FCWCS. We will forever make Ms. Williams’s birthday an extraordinary day in memory of an extraordinary educator.

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Annual Black History Program 2014

We celebrate the contributions of Black Americans to the United States daily at FCWCS. But each February we it to the next level, with a month filled with activities for students. Be it the Black History Quiz Bowl, the Faculty Extravaganza, the HBCU Step Show, displaying our musical talents, modern dance, or even a little theatre group–we proudly showcase our talents that were inspired by our ancestors. Each Friday in February, there is something for everybody. It is definitely a time for all to learn about their past as they prepare for their future.

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Elephant & Piggie Visit FCWCS

Our youngest Warriors were delighted when Elephant & Piggie, from the award winning books by Mo Willems, came to our campus on February 3rd.

We were also excited Sheriff Marlin Gusman and WDSU TV journalist Gina Swanson on hand to read and discuss the tomes with students. Students were also rewarded with copies of two of the books in the series.

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