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FCWCS Will Dismiss Today at NOON Due to Bad Weather

FCWCS will dismiss today, Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at NOON due to the impending bad weather conditions this afternoon. Please be ready to receive your child.


Intervention–Taking the Steps to Improve

Reading is FUNdamental at FCWCS. Good readers are usually good students. We take definite steps to enhance the reading skills (and math too) of all students on campus. We have several interventions in place–iReady, small group instruction with the reading coach, monthly mentoring groups (S.M.A.R.S.), Book It!, and Bikes for Books.

Kindergarten through 8th grade students are all assigned to iReady for reading and mathematics. The goal is at least one hour per week in both areas of instruction. Bikes for Books is through the generosity of the Original Dukes Club, Inc. Book It! is a national effort of Pizza Hut to enhance the reading skills of America’s school children. The monthly S.M.A.R.S. (Student Mentor Academic Review Session) strives to keep and focus students on the prize–academic success. The hour-long sessions provide an opportunity for students in small groups to interact with an adult mentor to discuss their academic successes and concerns.

We do believe “readers become leaders.”


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Students vs Faculty Athletic Competition

Since the arrival in the new building, athletics competition has been keen with thrice a year events pitting students against faculty.

Enthusiasm is high on campus the day of the “battle.” Whether it’s flag football, basketball, or volleyball, this athletic rivalry always packs the yard or the gym.

There is something to be said for the quickness of youth and their enthusiasm, but the “elders” are bigger, slower and (usually) wiser. We’ll let you guess who usually reigns as the victor!


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