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Cam Jordan Visits FCWCS

Early Tuesday morning–the morning after the opening game of the season–Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints came to Warrior Land. Mr. Jordan, #94 to all Saints fans, brought a message. That message was not about football, but about the value of an education.

Anyone watching the Monday night game, knows that #94 and his teammates had a hard, but productive night against the Houston Texans. That was one heck of a game! The victory, 30-28, included five tackles and one sack by Mr. Jordan. He could have slept in a little later, but instead he was at FCWCS stressing the importance of learning to read, doing homework, and preparing for the future.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in attendance had all eyes on Mr. Jordan–at 6’4″ he was hard to miss! An animated speaker, he held his audience of more than 100 kids spellbound for almost one hour.

Thank you to Mr. Jordan and the New Orleans Saints for the visit! Your message heard and well received.

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