Positive Behavior Support

Fannie C. Williams Charter School

The goals of our Discipline Plan (PBS) is to:

  •   encourage students to develop feelings of self-worth and self-esteem;
  •   guide student toward self-control and self-discipline;
  •   teach students how to relate appropriately to their fellow human beings (socialization);
  •   assist in the emotional development of all our students;
  •   develop capabilities to distinguish between right and wrong.

Each team (The Red School, The Blue School, The Green School, and The Yellow School) of learners has a PBS management plan designed by the teachers especially for that group of students.

Negative behaviors that will warrant discipline action from teachers, Deans of Students, or administration . . .

  •    loss of self-control
  •   causing bodily harm to others (hitting, kicking, spitting, biting)
  •   showing disrespect
  •   nonobservance of school/classroom rules
  •   use of inappropriate language
  •   bullying or making fun of others
  •   refusal to follow school and/or classroom rules
  •   refusal to follow rules and regulations regarding riding the school bus
  •   inappropriate use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices at school

Consequences for inappropriate behaviors . . .

An elementary student displaying any of the aforementioned behaviors, will have the following consequences (a minimum of three) employed by the classroom teacher,
Dean(s) of Students, or administration to correct the negative behavior.

  •    Talk to the student
  •   Class consequences as given by the teacher (using PBS strategies)
  •   Parental contact – phone call or note home
  •   Conference with parent and teacher
  •   After school or Saturday detention
  •   Conference with parent, teacher(s), Dean of Students, or administration
  •   In-school suspension
  •   Out-of-school suspension
  •   Probationary Status
  •   Expulsion.

Our expectations are greatest for middle school students (grades 6, 7, and 8). They are our most mature students and are considered role models for the rest of the student body. The Disciplinary Action Sequence for the Yellow School (grades 6-8) usually follows as indicated:
• Call from Dean of Students or administrator to parents

  •   Lunch detention
  •   Parental conference with student and teacher(s)
  •   One ½ day ISS (in school suspension)
  •   One full day ISS (with RTI Meeting)
  •   2 hours of Saturday detention (in school uniform)
  •   4 hours of Saturday detention (in school uniform)
  •   3-5 days of OCS (off campus suspension)
  •   Probationary Status
  •   Expulsion.

Your child’s teacher can inform you of the discipline management plan he or she will follow.
–Additional information can be found in the FCWC School Family Handbook, pgs. 9-12