How To Enroll Your Child

Fannie C. Williams Charter School

The One App
Fannie C. Williams Charter School has open enrollment (there are no academic requirements) for all students who are residents of Orleans Parish. We serve students in grades Pre-K (4 years) through 8 grade.

We follow the RSD’s One App enrollment process. This citywide enrollment system for RSD direct-run and charter schools is designed to make the enrollment process easier for parents. Parents must fill out an application for each of their children who are enrolling in a RSD direct-run or charter school.

Parents of current students and prospective students should come to the school’s ISC (main office at 11577 Dwyer Road) and fill out an application, Monday through Friday (9 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.). Your application can be turned in at our office after you have completed it. Someone can assist you if help is needed. Applications can also be turned in at any of the four Recovery School District Family Resource Centers listed below:

• Sarah T. Reed High School, 5316 Michoud Blvd.
• L. B. Landry High School, 1200 Landry Ave.
• Walter L. Cohen High School, 3520 Dryades St.
• George W. Carver High School, 3059 Higgins Blvd.

We are hoping that all our current students return to us next year. Parents of current students who wish their son or daughter to return to Fannie C. Williams Charter School will simply indicate that they will be returning. All current students will have priority seating for next year–as long as their parents fill out the One App indicating they will be back next year before the March 31st deadline. Re-enrolling your child ensures them a seat for next year.

The Warrior Newsletter that is published monthly during the academic year, contains information regarding the re-enrollment process. You can access a PDF copy of February’s or March’s 2012 on this website’s home page.

Additional information regarding the RSD’s One App process can be found in the New Orleans Parent’s Guide to Public Schools, Spring 2012. A hardcopy can be had by calling the New Orleans Parent Organizing Network at 504.684.4512 or by visiting their website at The Recovery School District also has information regarding the enrollment process. Visit their website at

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