Guidelines for Student Behavior

Guidelines for Student Behavior

DISCIPLINE PLAN (School-Wide) Our school-wide expectations are simple regarding student behavior–all Warriors are expected to be . . .


We refer to these expectations as the 4Ps and we spend the first few weeks of school teaching and reinforcing this concept to all students, Pre-K through Grade 8. We refer to it as learning “the culture of Fannie C. Williams Charter School.” The 4Ps provide the guideline for student behavior. They serve as guidelines that will promote the personal wellbeing of each pupil, as well as the common good of the school community.

Our older students are given a card known as the RESPONSIBILITY Tracker. Each student is rewarded a behavior grade of 100 points each week. Points will be deducted according to the behavior and effort chart listed on the back of the card and on page 16 of the Family Handbook. The weekly grade will be calculated and sent home in the Warrior Way Folder. If there are no infractions marked, the student has had a great week. Students earning a cumulative grade of 90 for the quarter will earn a PBS reward. The Dean of Students will contact parents when there is consistently less than a weekly average of 80 points. Consistent grades of UNSATISFACTORY (69 or less) are unacceptable and may warrant furthers disciplinary action.

Students taking part in extra-curricular activities (such as the Marching Warriors and sport teams, etc.) are expected to maintain at least a 75 average on their responsibility tracker or face removal from extra-curricular activities.

Additional information regarding the discipline of children with disabilities can be found on page 5 in the Family Handbook. The Discipline Plan for younger students will be sent home to parents.Fannie C. Williams Charter School encourages each student to develop the independence and responsibility, which characterizes a mature person. It is important to create a learning environment conducive to learning.