PBS Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Warriors got a head start on their candy eating with a trip to the school’s front yard on April 16th. PBS (Positive Behavior Support) knows how to throw a great party–this time it was a very fast paced Easter Egg Hunt for students in grades Pre-K through 5.

Plastic eggs were thrown in the yard and students in each grade level were told to gather up as many as they could.  A few eggs held special surprises–there were dollar bills inside! Students also “finding” a few special colored eggs were given special prizes. Everyone was entitled to a gift of candy after turning in his or her eggs, making everyone a winner!

The bunny’s friend–Ms. Theard–also had a drawing in the office. Every student’s name was place in the red bucket. If your name was called, there was a special gift for you in the ISC.

What a great way to start the Spring Break!

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