Spring Scholastic Book Fair 2014


Our bi-annual book fair this spring was a resounding success. Librarian Karen LeBlanc always goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets in the spirit of the celebration. This spring’s theme was a Fiesta Book Fair. Even Clifford, the Big Red Dog, made an appearance on campus for the book fair.

Our biggest day was Friday March 28th, when dads by the scores were on campus for our annual Donuts for Dads Celebration. They poured into the library with their kids and their wallets, buying books by the dozen. Their generosity bought our book sales over the top, with the school earning more than $500 for the spring sale.

We always encourage our students to read. They are allowed to borrow books from our school library. We sing the merits of having a public library card and of course we encourage everyone to buy a book or two at the twice a year Scholastic Book Fair. All Warriors know that reading is so fundamental to getting a good education.

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