Stars and Stripes

Raising the “Stars and Stripes”

Each morning, band director and army veteran Thaddeus Petit recruits a group of four middle school students to help him raise the American flag on the school’s flagpole. It is an honor to be chosen and the same diligence is made each afternoon to lower the “Stars and Stripes.”

The American flag is customarily flown all year round from most public buildings, including schools. Mr. Petit is teaching our Warriors the respect that should be utilized when handling the flag. He makes sure students understand that the flag should never touch the ground. Flags should not be flown at night–unless illuminated–which is why Mr. Petit and his team remove it each afternoon at the close of the school day. Mr. Petit is also instructing the middle school students the military custom of folding the flag into a triangular shape at the close of the day. We hope that Mr. Petit will be able to turn this responsibility over to a team of middle school students one day soon.

The flag we are flying is a gift to the school from Ms. JoAnn Christophe, grandmother of three of our students at FCWCS. Thanks to Ms. Christophe and Mr. Petit for their interest in teaching our students the importance of flying “Old Glory” on Bullard Avenue.