Wells Transportation

Third party vendor provides the Warrior Way transportation for FCWCS

Wells Transportation

Bus service is outsourced to third party vendor Wells Transportation. Wells provides this service to students who live within the boundaries of Orleans Parish. WT transports our students safely and promptly to and from school, Monday through Friday.

Parental cooperation is needed to help students understand the rules and regulations regarding the bus service. Parents are expected to assist their children in the understanding of the consequences of misbehaving on the bus. Remember . . .

It is a privilege to ride the school bus, not a right!

The safety and well being of the students and bus driver are endangered when students misbehave on the bus. The bus driver is responsible for the safety of all who ride the school bus. Therefore, students must follow all requests made by the driver as it pertains to behavior on the bus. The school’s administration will act upon any discipline referrals submitted by the bus driver.

Parents will be responsible for transporting their child who is temporarily or permanently removed from the bus.

Additional information regarding the Warrior Way can be found in the school’s Family Handbook (pages 13 and 17).

All transportation changes (pick-up and drop-off spots) must be in writing and presented in person at the school.