Transition–Kindergarten to First Grade





IMG_3975The days of Kindergarten are always busy for our three classes of scholars. There’s classwork and, of course, field trips to keep our 5 and 6 year olds learning and growing.

But soon, too soon, April wanes to a few days and we begin to prepare for our next transition–Kindergarten to First Grade. Before they leave their instructors–Teachers Harrell, Henry, and Andrews–our Warriors prepare for their big day on campus. Moving up day, with all its pomp and circumstance in the Warrior Gym.

Next year, on to First Grade!

8th Graders Study Their City -Their Home

Eighth graders are receiving are great lesson in New Orleans and Louisiana History this semester. They are part of the My City, My Home endeavor, under the auspices of The Preservation Resource Center’s flagship program.

The inter-disciplinary set of lessons are designed to give students the information needed to become working participants in neighborhood planning, community development, and our city’s broader civic life (source:

Lessons have included a tour of the historic neighborhood of Tremé, the French Quarters, a lesson of the history of Jazz by musician and teacher D. Barnes. The study will end will a visual arts projects that will incorporate all the tools they have mastered.





Grandparents Day at FCWCS 2015

Once a year we honor grandparents with a special day. Warrior Grandparents descend to our campus for tea, cookies, cake and finger sandwiches. How we enjoy having them visit our campus, meet our teachers and classmates. The Warrior Gym turns into a theatre where we entertain them with poetry, song, dance and our laughter.

After the show, grandparents headed to our library to visit our Annual Fall Book Fair. Paw Paw and Nana are always good for a new book or two!






FCWCS Will Dismiss Today at NOON Due to Bad Weather

FCWCS will dismiss today, Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at NOON due to the impending bad weather conditions this afternoon. Please be ready to receive your child.


Intervention–Taking the Steps to Improve

Reading is FUNdamental at FCWCS. Good readers are usually good students. We take definite steps to enhance the reading skills (and math too) of all students on campus. We have several interventions in place–iReady, small group instruction with the reading coach, monthly mentoring groups (S.M.A.R.S.), Book It!, and Bikes for Books.

Kindergarten through 8th grade students are all assigned to iReady for reading and mathematics. The goal is at least one hour per week in both areas of instruction. Bikes for Books is through the generosity of the Original Dukes Club, Inc. Book It! is a national effort of Pizza Hut to enhance the reading skills of America’s school children. The monthly S.M.A.R.S. (Student Mentor Academic Review Session) strives to keep and focus students on the prize–academic success. The hour-long sessions provide an opportunity for students in small groups to interact with an adult mentor to discuss their academic successes and concerns.

We do believe “readers become leaders.”


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Students vs Faculty Athletic Competition

Since the arrival in the new building, athletics competition has been keen with thrice a year events pitting students against faculty.

Enthusiasm is high on campus the day of the “battle.” Whether it’s flag football, basketball, or volleyball, this athletic rivalry always packs the yard or the gym.

There is something to be said for the quickness of youth and their enthusiasm, but the “elders” are bigger, slower and (usually) wiser. We’ll let you guess who usually reigns as the victor!


sports1 sports2 sports3


Round Ball Wizards

There’s always keen anticipation in the early fall when the call goes out for basketball tryouts.

Coach Terry Green puts the call out, and the talent begins to prepare for a spot on the teams.

FCWCS has two boys’ basketball squads–6th grade and 8th grade. Coach manages to juggle his practice times with the two boys teams. The team has been successful under the tutelage of Coach Green. Last year’s squad of 6th graders were able to win the Metro Middle School League Championship for 2014-2015. Both teams are trying to make a run again for another banner this season.


roundball5 roundball3 roundball1

Red Ribbon Week

“Respect Yourself, Be Drug Free”

School Counselor J. Edmond always ensures that the Warriors take part in the country’s annual Red Ribbon Week. This October was no different.

Warriors take a stand against drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The nation-wide observance began after the kidnapping, torture and murder of Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in 1985. Begun in his hometown of Calexico, California, it has become a yearly observation at schools across the United States.

FCWCS students are part of the millions of school kids across the nation who takes an annual oath to abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. We wear crazy hats, crazy socks, and sunglasses to draw attention to Red Ribbon Week. They serve as reminders that we are “too cool to do drugs.”


redribbon5 redribbon3 redribbon2 redribbon


RECOGNIZE–Acknowledging Our Hard Workers

Go to a morning meeting and Dean Sisco is leading the way–recognizing birthdays, good deeds, and academic hard workers!

Schools often pay too much attention to students who are a bit problematic, so the Warrior Faculty makes every effort to acknowledge our hard workers. We have students who are working extremely hard to improve their academic performance. We take the time to give accolades to these students. It may be our quarterly awards assembly, semester awards assembly or the iReady awards assembly–we honor our scholars.


hardwork5 hardwork4 hardwork3 hardwork2 hardwork1

Ladies On the Court

Basketball Season is underway and there’s a new coach in town–Coach Willie Gray.

Coach Gray leads the Lady Warriors this season. Every effort is made to allow female students the opportunity to excel in athletic competition the same as their male counterparts. The Ladies of FCWCS also competed this year in Cross Country competition under the direction of Coach Dana Williams.

ladiesBB4 ladiesBB3 ladiesBB2ladiesBB1