Academic Life
Fannie C. Williams Charter School
School Profile


Fannie C. Williams School was established during the 2007-2008 school year on the site of the former Fannie C. Williams Middle School on Dwyer Road in New Orleans East.

It was opened as a RSD (Recovery School District) school–with open enrollment for families primarily returning to the city’s eastern area after the storms of 2005. 

We now have open access for all students who reside in Orleans Parish in grades Pre-K(4) through 8th grade. We have a population of about 450 students. This current school year, 2022-2023, marks the start of our 16th year. We are a Type 5 charter school (originally sanctioned by the RSD). We were granted a charter in December of 2011.

Our student body is composed primarily of African-American students (85.7%), Latino (13.7%) and a small Asian population (0.6%). We have had students of European descent in the past. We welcome all students regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin. We welcome all to our family of learners.

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