Ballet Hispanico at FCWCS

Latin + Soul + Ballet = Ballet Hispanico at FCWCS

Ballet Hispanico is an American dance company based in Manhattan. In December they were scheduled to perform at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts and they decided to stop at FCWCS for a few lessons.

Ballet Hispanico describes itself as “the foremost dance representative of Hispanic culture in the United States.” The group has performed for millions all over the U. S., South America, and Europe. With its Education & Outreach programs, it offers an exploratory learning experience for school children. It was for this reason they dropped in on the Warriors and offered two hour-long lessons to students on our campus.

Students were exposed to the rudiments of Latin, Ballet, and Interpretative Dance. Latin music provided the rhythms, as the two groups of about 50 students (per group), hopped, jumped, stretched, leaped and swayed lively to the music.

Who knows, the next Judith Jamison may have been inspired by this experience.