Student Council

Warriors Choose Student Body Leaders

Students in grades 3-8 elected the officers of the Student Council, Election Day ’12 on November 14th.

Each homeroom in grades 3-8 earlier in the year chose two SC representatives to serve as a rep for their respective homerooms. From this group, students were allowed to run for the following offices: President, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary and Sgt.-At-Arms.

Candidates had an opportunity to address the student body with their campaign speeches. A “clean campaign” ensued. Six days later, the school’s library turned into a voting poll, complete with four portable voting machines, decorations and two representatives from the Louisiana’s Secretary of State’s office. Results were tabulated electronically and announced over the school’s PA that same afternoon by Principal Batiste.

The results are as follows: President Alton Harris; Vice-President Jaymerson George; Corresponding Secretary Rondell Wilson; Sgt.-At-Arms Mya Evans.

Congratulations to all who “threw their hat into the ring” to run.

Mrs. L. McCray serves as faculty advisor to the Student Council.

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