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Dear Parents/Guardians

FCWCS and all OPSB schools will be CLOSED Tues., September 4th out of an abundance of caution due to the impending storm. Please stay tuned to local media (TV, radio) for updates regarding Wednesday, Sept. 5th.

Please be safe and stay weather aware!

Kelly S. Batiste, Principal/CEO
Fannie C. Williams Charter School

WARRIOR “FUND” RUN/WALK – September 8, 2018



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 Start time: 9:00 am 


Beautiful Running/Walking Course 

Post Race Food & Events 

Benefits FCWCS Athletic Program 


Saturday, September 8, 2018 

Time: 9:00 am 




Dana Williams 



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T-SHIRT: Commemorative Warrior “Fund” Run/Walk shirt
will be given to all pre-registered participants. 

Commemorative Finishers Medal: All registered participants that complete the run/walk will receive a finisher’s medal upon
crossing the finish line. 


School Supply Drop Off & Meet and Greet

August 9, 2018-2019

School Supply Drop Off & Meet and Greet

9 am – 11 am

LEAP 2025 Academic Pep Rally

As the school year draws to a close, students and staff prepare for the state mandated LEAP test. Here is the opportunity for students to show what they know. All students in grades 3-8 will spend a week testing according to the state of Louisiana’s directives.

Since state testing began in the ’90s, students and faculty have found it stressful. To put our scholars at ease, we always use the Friday before testing begins for our Academic Pep Rally.

The entire student body and staff takes part in attempting to put the test takers at ease. A “can do spirit” is promoted. We’ve got teachers dancing and singing, our youngest students encouraging. This year had parents taking part in encouraging achievement (thanks Super Dad and Mom for your words of encouragement).

A celebration of the year’s lessons and a proclamation of “how we do school” is expressed. Each homeroom is judged on their spirit, participation, and creativity. As the judges tally the final scores, the last performance of the 8th girls of the auxiliary units and the awesome band from Warrior Land takes place. The judges confer and make their final decision. The competition was especially intense this year for the coveted “Spirit Stick.” Where would it end up?

Since its inception, it has always remained on the first floor. But not this year! Ms. Simmons’s 8th Grade homeroom presented the most spirited presentation of the afternoon, bringing the stick upstairs to middle school. Awesome!

Now let’s slay that test!

Spring Bling ’18 One Great Day of Food, Fun, & Friends

If there is ever a day not to miss school it is Spring Bling Day.

The early morning hours may be spent in the classroom but come 11 am the PA system comes on with Mrs. Batiste’s announcement that the festival has begun! Three hours of food, fun, and friends.

What a great way to begin the Spring Break!

Donuts with Dad ’18 Seeking Dads to “King Up”

Our annual celebration that brings fathers, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers and other father figures to school was held on Friday, March 23rd.

The Dads poured in, some in work uniforms, apparently taking off an hour or two to “show up” for their little ones. What a fantastic sight to see so many fathers on campus.

As always, the committee crammed a lot into their hour-long presentation. Mr. Lloyd Dennis, of the Silverback Society (a mentoring group for 8th grade boys) was on hand to give the keynote. Former Warrior teacher, Mr. Joseph Saulsbury, provided live jazz music with his trio. No program is complete without the Voices of FCW (under the direction of Stephanie Jordan) and the Warrior Band (under the direction of Dedric Jones). To close out, the father-daughter dance on stage, guaranteed to always bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Great presentation Mr. Britt and committee. This 9th Annual Donuts with Dad was one for the record book.

Paws for Books – Scholastic Spring Book Fair ’18

The last book fair of the year has ended, a rousing success! Thanks to all who came and patronized our bi-annual book fair. Parents, staff, community neighbors all saw the signs on Bullard and came in to browse the showcases and tables for just the right book or two (or three) for their scholar. Special thanks to the dads attending Donuts with Dad activities on the last day. You took us over the top!

As always, Mrs. LeBlanc, the decorations were awesome. Thanks to the staff members who assisted her with creating just the right canine environment to get the customers/students in to shop. Good job, good job.

It’s All About the Classroom

The opening weeks of school are spent developing our school culture–the 4 Ps. Anyone who has attended FCWCS knows that we believe all students should follow the 4 Ps. Warriors are expected to be PROMPT, POLITE, PREPARED, and PRODUCTIVE. These four basic rules were put into place in 2007 to ensure that students understand what is expected of them.

All that we do–athletics, clubs, art, music, etc.–are done with the expectation that it will make a better student and a better person. We make every attempt to stimulate our pupils to become excited about learning. Enthusiastic learners are always easier to teach.

Our job is to prepare every student on campus for the next phase of their educational journey–be it the next grade or on to high school. It’s always all about the classroom.

Our Most Popular Game–Basketball

But we also so pursue other sports . . .

Basketball is the by far, our campus’s most popular sport. It is the only team sport that we have separate male and female teams. Coach Terry Green is at the helm of the boys’ team. Coach Rynika Hebért is the girls’ coach.

FCWCS also has a variety of other sports. Coach Dana Williams has a co-ed team of distant runners who take part in the fall’s cross-country season. Coach Williams also has a team of 3rd and 4th grade female students who participate each December in the Girls on the Run 5K. Fall is also the time of year you can find Coach Green and his boys’ flag football team.

Spring time brings on the end of basketball and the beginning of tennis as a co-ed team. Coach Williams also spearheads this activity.

There appears to be something for everybody as we train our athletic students to be scholars first, athletes second.