Schedule Update
In an effort to better serve and protect the health of students, families, food service providers and staff at community feeding sites NOLA Public Schools’ and our partners are condensing the weekly schedule at the Citywide Feeding Program sites by providing multiple days of meals during specific daily time frames. NOLA-PS asks the business community for its support in ensuring that working families are allowed to leave work to pick up these meals to ensure they are able to benefit from this program. See updated schedule below:

Citywide Feeding Program – New Schedule:  
-Every Monday we will provide meals for 2 days.
-Every Wednesday we will provide meals for 3 days.
-Moving forward Community Feeding sites will NOT be open on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.
-Service Hours: remain the same, 9 am – 12 pm.

For locations and additional information regarding the operations of all NOLA Public Schools go to . . .


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