Dedication Is A Must in Cross Country

Some of our most disciplined student-athletes are six students that compose our Cross-Country team, coached by runner enthusiast and Physical Education teacher Dana Williams. This group competes on a Saturday morning, with racing beginning at 7:30 am.

CC is a sport in which teams and individuals run their races on outside courses over natural terrain such as dirt, grass, or in the case of the Warriors in the Metro Middle School League (MMSL), the levee batture in Jefferson Parish.

Runners competed in five meets, including the MMSL Championship Meet where runners Graciela Nunez, Malik Farria, and Christian Rivera finished among the top 30 runners in the 1.5-mile run, finishing the race in less than 12 minutes.

This year’s running Warriors are: Reyli Bejarano, Malik Farria, Graciela Nunez, Christian Rivera, Robert Taylor, and Angela Williams. Great season team.

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