Scholastic Book Fairs Twice Yearly Events

No school year goes by at FCWCS without our bi-annual Scholastic Book Fair. Bringing the “book store” to our campus dates back to the earliest days of Fannie C.–white FEMA trailers on the back lot of the present campus. Librarian Wilson stocked the shelves during those early years.

Karen LeBlanc has kept the sales going. You can always count on her transforming our library into whatever magical theme that has been designated by Scholastic (usually with the assistance of Ms. S. Jones, Mr. P. Britt, and Mrs. T. Calhoun).

All of this hard work is done to stress the importance of reading to our students. We are hoping to instill in all students a love of books and reading for pleasure. Students are encouraged to read because it is a form of information needed for school and pleasure. We are hoping that we are developing life-long learners and readers on our campus.

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