School Uniforms

Send your Warrior to school in F U L L uniform everyday!
School Uniforms Are Worn Daily

Each school site has been granted the authority to develop a Dress Code Policy by the District. Our uniform was developed to promote a positive school culture by identifying attire that promotes school safety and student health.

Uniforms are to be worn every day to school–unless a notice has been sent home by the school’s administration. We do not consider the uniform optional, every student, Pre-K through 8, is expected to appear on campus in full uniform. All students and parents/guardians are expected to follow the Dress Code Policy. Inappropriate attire will be corrected immediately, if possible.

Uniforms for FCW Charter School are as follows:

• A royal blue golf polo-styled shirt (Pre-K through 5) or gold golf polo-styled shirt for
middle school students (Grades 6-8), both with the school logo on the left side of the chest;

• Khaki pants with belt loops (boys and girls) or khaki-colored jumpers or skirts (girls);

• White or black socks (or stockings for girls)-NO FOOTIES or athletic socks;

• Black rubber-soled shoes;

• Belts (brown or black) WITHOUT large buckles;

• No headwear in buildings;

• No earrings for male students, female students earrings should be no larger than a nickel in

Additional information regarding the school’s uniform and Dress Code can be found on page 15 of the 4th Edition of the Fannie C. Williams Charter School.