The FCWCS Curriculum


Our students’ classroom learning centers around providing them with a well-rounded daily experience. This includes Enrichment classes of Visual Arts, Instrument Music, Vocal Music, and Physical Education. Opportunities are also provided to visit the media center (library) to borrow books from the Warrior collection. Scholars spend nine weeks in one of the aforementioned enrichment classes.


English Language Arts (known simply as ELA) is a complete literacy program designed to build communication skills by teaching students’ comprehensive of the English language through reading, writing, and speaking. Our school uses all the guidelines as set by the mandates of the State of Louisiana Dept. of Education to provide Tier 1 instruction. These guidelines for all grade levels can be found at


The science of numbers, quantity, and space is known at mathematics. It is part of the Warrior’s day at all grade levels. As with ELA, we provide Tier 1 instruction. Lessons are taught using computers and traditional teacher and paraprofessional assistance. We employ the guidelines as set by the Department of Education. Content matter and standards can be found on the State’s website


Learning about the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world around them is what is studied in the science class. Through observation, experimentation, and discussion, students from grades kindergarten through 8th are immersed in this subject area. Tier 1 instruction in Earth science, physical science, space or life science are part of the curriculum. Content and standards can be found on Louisiana’s website at

Social Studies

The study of human behavior, resources, relationships, resources, and institutions is known as Social Studies. Our students learn geography, economics, politics, and civics in their classes. As with the other courses of Tier 1 study, we follow the guidelines of the Department of Education at

Our School

FCWCS is part of the New Orleans Public Schools System. The school is run under the auspice of the charter organization Community Leaders Advocating Student Success., Inc. (C.L.A.S.S.). Mrs. Kelly S. Batiste serves as our CEO/Principal. We are located in New Orleans East (11755 Dwyer Road) in a modern comfortable building. We welcome any child residing in Orleans Parish in grades Pre-K(4) through 8th grade. 

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