Our Most Popular Game–Basketball

But we also so pursue other sports . . .

Basketball is the by far, our campus’s most popular sport. It is the only team sport that we have separate male and female teams. Coach Terry Green is at the helm of the boys’ team. Coach Rynika Hebért is the girls’ coach.

FCWCS also has a variety of other sports. Coach Dana Williams has a co-ed team of distant runners who take part in the fall’s cross-country season. Coach Williams also has a team of 3rd and 4th grade female students who participate each December in the Girls on the Run 5K. Fall is also the time of year you can find Coach Green and his boys’ flag football team.

Spring time brings on the end of basketball and the beginning of tennis as a co-ed team. Coach Williams also spearheads this activity.

There appears to be something for everybody as we train our athletic students to be scholars first, athletes second.

Round Ball Wizards

There’s always keen anticipation in the early fall when the call goes out for basketball tryouts.

Coach Terry Green puts the call out, and the talent begins to prepare for a spot on the teams.

FCWCS has two boys’ basketball squads–6th grade and 8th grade. Coach manages to juggle his practice times with the two boys teams. The team has been successful under the tutelage of Coach Green. Last year’s squad of 6th graders were able to win the Metro Middle School League Championship for 2014-2015. Both teams are trying to make a run again for another banner this season.


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Ladies On the Court

Basketball Season is underway and there’s a new coach in town–Coach Willie Gray.

Coach Gray leads the Lady Warriors this season. Every effort is made to allow female students the opportunity to excel in athletic competition the same as their male counterparts. The Ladies of FCWCS also competed this year in Cross Country competition under the direction of Coach Dana Williams.

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Faculty vs Students Athletic Events

Happening three times a year are the Faculty vs. Students Athletic Events in Flag Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.

Always drawing a crowd to the gym or the school’s yard, Friday afternoons on this days are always “Thrillers on Bullard.”

The students always put up a good fight, there’s something about youth and energy that keep the staff struggling. But, wisdom usually wins out in the long run . . .

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Afterschool Program Time Well-Spent

The Afterschool Program keeps students engaged Monday through Thursday.

From 3:30 to 5:30, our students are kept busy. The program provides a safe place for pupils until they can be reunited with their parents. The $10.00 registration fee covers the entire year of snacks, a little help with homework, and great after school activities–music, Girls Scouts, art, dance, and sports.

The “traditional” school day certainly does not end at FCWCS with the 3:15 p.m. bell.

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That Championship Season!

Flag Football Team Wins 2nd Metro Middle School Championship

Coach Terry Green and his squad did it again. The Warriors defeated the Hynes Huskies November 3rd in a thriller in Metairie, 31-30.

The team finished with an overall record of 6-2. Members of this talented squad were athlete scholars in grades 6-8.

The 2014 victory marked the second year in a row that FCWCS has won the MMSL championship. Last year we played Hynes Elementary for the title and won. The Coach Green and his players have accumulated a 14-3 record for the last two seasons.
Congratulations to our scholar athletes and their coach.

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Saints-Gatorade Jr Training Camp Returns

The New Orleans Saints, in conjunction with Gatorade, the sports drink, sponsored its second junior training camp on our campus, Wednesday, January 28th. Students in grades 3-8, who followed the 4Ps during the second quarter, (they were prompt, polite, prepared, and productive) were allowed to participate. The Responsibility Tracker was used to keep track of students with an average of 90 points or better for the quarter.

The Saints visit is in conjunction with the NFL’s Play 60 campaign geared to encourage kids to be active for 60 minutes each day. Our front yard became “training camp” for the 200 kids taking part in the activity. It is the goal of Play 60 to reverse the trend of

childhood obesity currently plaguing the USA.

Our scholar athletes were also encouraged to stay away from tobacco products and to do their best in school. Thanks to Mrs. K. LeBlanc for securing this activity again for our Warriors.

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